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Waterhole Swimming Centre

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Our Ultimate Goal

For every member to be able to swim 400 metres Freestyle non stop that is 16 lengths of our main pool.

Waterhole has been Teaching and Coaching swimming since 1976 and we have been operating in our current complex since 1985.

Our Strategy has always been to provide the best standard of teaching and coaching you would find anywhere in the world. 

We have already achieved this by:

  • Being a stand alone commercial business, but competing with other similar operations in our area, which have been subsidised by having the use of local body or school pools. 
  • By Waterhole's commitment to excellence, the creative talent and expertise of Judith Wright who has become a leader in New Zealand in pool management of privately owned complexes and learn to swim programmes, the programme at Waterhole has always lead the way in New Zealand. 
  • The pools were designed specifically for teaching, coaching and in an effective way to manage the complex economically on an on going basis, and this will continue in the new development. 
  • By having a well-structured booking system which offers extensive flexibility to our clients and other pool users. 

Mission Statement

To allow every member regardless of ability to develop to the highest level they possibly can based not only on ability but on their level of desire to succeed and their commitment to achieve.