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Beginner Adults

The first Four levels of our Adult Program are for Beginners. Levels 1-4 are 30 - 45minute classes

Level 1

Goal: To be comfortable in and under the water

Level 2

Goal: Streamline Kicking, Comfortably putting your face in the water and completing 6 circles and being able to Back kick unassisted for 10m

Level 3

Goal: To complete comfortably associated drills to help progress to learning Freestyle and 25m unassisted Back Kick

Level 4

6x 25m Freestyle with 10seconds rest after each 25m, 50m Backstroke

Level 5 - Transition level

45min - 60min training session, Freestyle breathing bilaterally. In this level your fitness, technique and skills will be refined ready to progress to our Swim for Fitness program