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Here is some of the information you need to know to have an enjoyable stay at Waterhole, please read carefully

A full copy of Waterhole policies is available in our yellow information booklet "Welcome to Our World of Swimming"


Only approved swim wear may be worn in our pools

All clients in Seahorse / Penguins and above or aged 5 years and over MUST wear a swimcap, this includes Adults and all public swimmers

Correct swimwear must be worn during lessons

Boys = Speedo type togs or tight fitting shorts, shorts must be above the knee and have no pockets

Girls = One piece speedo type swimsuit, with thin shoulder straps. NO sleeves covering the shoulders

NO Rashshirts or Rashsuits for clients in Preschool Otters and above or aged 5 years and over, we also recommend that these are not worn in the Seahorse or Penguins classes as they restrict movement and hinder the learning process

We do not allow the following in our pools:

Swim nappies, Little Swimmers or any other form of nappy, Any street wear including T shirts, baggy shorts, longs or long shorts, boxers or any other type of underwear or wetsuits for people attending lessons or public swimming

Photo / Phone Policy

You are most welcome to take photos of your child / children swimming but please remember the following points

All cameras must be registered at reception prior to any photos being taken

Photos to be of your own child only (teachers can be included but not other children – even with their parents permission)

Photos can only be taken with a standard camera

No cell phone, tablet or other electronic device filming / photos allowed anywhere at all within the premises

Any electronic device use at all is restricted to being seated in the main pool hall only

There no cell phone use allowed within the premises at all with the exception of being seated within the main pool hall area

Client Health and Safety

In order to protect all our Clients and Staff

Under NO circumstances are ANY females aged 5 years or older to enter the male toilet / shower area or ANY males aged 5 years or older to enter the female toilet / shower area. Any clients not adhering to this will first be given a verbal reminder and then if any breach continues a written warning from Management after the 3rd written warning clients lessons may be terminated.

We have repositioned the Shower taps so that all clients aged 5yrs/over are able to operate the showers if you need assistance please see the Receptionist and they can then help.

Responsibility of Students:

Waterhole does not accept responsibility for students outside of scheduled lessons. We are responsible for them whilst in our classes only. Teachers will not look for parents after the lesson ends to hand over younger children. Please ensure appropriate safe care is organised for siblings while you enjoy your lessons with your child. Waterhole can not take responsibility for these children.


This is for the use of teachers / coaches and students taking part in classes during class time only. Please do not let students or siblings use equipment / toys during play sessions or whilst watching classes.