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Delta Health and Safety

Before I go into these new Delta Health and Safety protocols the ultimate aim of having these protocols in place is to make sure all Clients, Staff and Management team are kept safe to the best of our ability meaning that the business can continue to operate and provide this essential life skill of Learning to Swim. 

These protocols have been developed based on guidelines given to us by Swimming New Zealand, NZSCTA (Swim Coaches and Teachers of New Zealand INC), as well as what other Swim Schools are also doing around New Zealand. 

Delta Health and Safety Protocols 

1. Do not come to the facility if you are unwell or sick, or if anybody in your household is unwell or sick. 

2. Scanning is compulsory for ALL persons entering the facility, on entering please scan Covid tracer sheet and show the Receptionist on duty proof that you have scanned. If you are not able to scan then you must manually sign in. Entry to the facility will be declined if this is not adhered to. 

3. Wear a mask into the facility and for all spectators while inside the facility – excludes 11 and unders, but we respect if you want your child to wear one. All staff will be wearing masks at all times, this includes our in the water staff. 

4. Please observe social distancing requirements. 

5. To keep our facility numbers low please do not arrive any earlier than 10mins prior to your scheduled lesson start time. 

Keep our facility numbers as low as practically possible, in order to achieve this we are doing the following… 

Numbers for Turtles or Angelfish classes will be limited to TWO parents or caregivers attending the facility per family attending. 

We strongly recommend that the parent / caregiver that is in the water also wears a mask during the lesson, you are not required to submerge under the water whilst in the pool and therefore this adds an extra level of safety to all those around. In some cases where facility numbers are high this may be limited to the parent / caregiver in the water only being able to attend the facility. 

Numbers for Preschool / Beginner Schoolage classes will be limited to ONE parent or caregiver attending the facility per family attending. 

For clients in the Advanced Schoolage groups and ALL Squads we will be running a drop off and pick up system, meaning numbers for these levels will be limited to ZERO parents or caregivers attending the facility per family attending. Advanced Groups = Seals, Walrus, Octopus, Dolphins, Shrimps and Sharks Numbers for Adult classes will be restricted to the enrolled client only. 

All spectators (including children) MUST remain seated and be wearing a mask at all times if aged 12years and over, where possible no siblings waiting inside unless they are too young to wait in the car. 

We would encourage ALL clients with Schoolage children aged 8 years and over to wait outside and also follow the drop off and pick up system in place for the Advanced levels but we will respect the above number requirements as listed. 

Due to the social distancing requirements please keep your time within the facility as short as possible, all clients need to arrive ready to swim and then get changed at home after your swim. THIS IS IMPORTANT TO HELP KEEP OUR NUMBERS DOWN 

Showers and changing rooms will only be available if absolutely necessary but please help us by coming changed ready to swim and then showering / changing at home afterwards. 

Public Swimming Waterhole will be closed to ALL casual public swimming at this time. 

Those regular public swimmers that currently have 10 swim concession cards or 6/12 month passes will still be able to attend during the following times only due to classes being in operation and facility numbers. 

However Please Note: Showers and changing rooms will only be available if absolutely necessary so please help us by coming changed ready to swim and then showering / changing at home afterwards. 

Monday – Thursday 7.15am – 8.30am, 10.15am – 2.30pm, 7.15pm – 9pm 

Friday 7.15am – 8.30am, 10.15am – 2.30pm, 6.45pm – 8.30pm 

Saturday and Sunday 11.30am – 1pm (this time is for 6/12 month pass holders only) 

1. Enter the facility via the ramp wearing a mask if aged 12 years and over 

2. Sanitize your hands 

3. Scan the QR code and show the Receptionist on duty all public swimmers MUST also fill in the contact tracing sheet provided at Reception 

4. Swim in the assigned, marked lanes 5. After your swim, dry off put something warm on, plus your mask and then exit the facility 

Cleaning procedures 

All staff will be maintaining a rigorous cleaning regime at all times and all high touch surfaces will be cleaned on a regular basis throughout the day. To help us please remember to sanitize your hands on entering the facility, sanitizer will be available at reception and in both the small / main pool areas. Spray bottles of disinfectant will be available within each bathroom area and we would appreciate that both before and after using the bathroom facilities that you spray and wipe down the toilet seat and flush button. Please note the toilet is not to be used for changing purposes. 

Your support in following these Delta Level 2 protocols will greatly reduce the risk of further closures and hopefully ensure that our family business can continue to provide the important life skill of learning to swim as we have been doing in the community for over the last 40 plus years. 

If you have any questions please ask Sarah Blackburn, Swim School Manager