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Welcome to Our World of Swimming - yellow information booklet

Here is some of the information you need to know to have an enjoyable stay at Waterhole, please read carefully

A full copy of Waterhole policies is available in our yellow information booklet "Welcome to Our World of Swimming"


All payments in the learn to swim and advanced swimming section are by the term with a non-refundable deposit being paid to secure your space at the end of the preceding term or a direct debit agreement completed. Non-payment of a deposit means your space is not secure and may be given to another client. If after paying your deposit prior to that new term starting you then decide not to continue your deposit is forfeit

Balance of payment is due the first week of each term, once or twice weekly. You may increase or decrease the number of lessons you attend weekly at the end of any term. If you are wanting to increase during a term then you will need to pay the part term price for the remainder of the term. You may attend lessons for as long as you wish. Payments can be spread over the term by completing a direct debit contract.

There are 2 payment options.

Option 1 includes make up lessons for all pre advised absences for paid members and gives flexibility to change days if needed.

Option 2 has no make ups or changes available (unless a client is moving levels)

Catch up lessons for Public Holidays or pool closures are available on both options,

Clients commencing after the end of week 4 of the term pay for the balance of the term at the non discounted rate, this rate does not include a make-up option.

  • All family members enrolled payments are to be processed together.
  • All full / balance payments are due in week 1 of the term (if a direct debit agreement has not been completed)
  • An account will be written if not paid in full and includes an administration fee.
  • Accounts are 7 day accounts only and if not paid in full by the end of the fourth week of the current term will be referred to statement.                      On issuing a Statement the term discounted price will no longer apply and lessons will be charged at the higher Part Term price                                (statements incur a $20 statement fee), unless an arrangement is made and approved by the Swim School Manager.
  •     Accounts are for full term periods only

    Bookings not cancelled in writing to the Swim School Manager within seven days from first payment (deposit or full) or from an account being written on the first lesson attended for that term will be liable for the whole term.


3rd family member free, (this is the lowest priced client, or if the clients are the same value it will be the oldest family member) these clients do not get their own makeup lessons however they are able to use other family members makeup lessons if those members have paid the Option one price.

All members of the family must choose and pay the same Option and payment must processed at the same time.

In the case of split / blended / adoptive family scenarios proof of guardianship and address may be required.

3rd family member free is valid on all full term normal priced programs and some specials were indicated

Credit / Transfer of lessons: No refunds given

Medical Credit / Transfer ONLY

This request must be made in writing to the Swim School Manager

These will ONLY be considered with medical certificate and return of tuition cards.

Once these are received a letter will be sent from the Swim School Manager indicating value of credit / transfer.

Lessons used will be charged at the part term rate up to the request in writing is received, a $15 administration fee will be deducted, as well as the loss of the $25 deposit portion of term fee from all credit / transfers, being a total of $40

Credit / Transfer given is only valid for the following term and can’t be transferred

Closure Clause:

If due to unforeseen circumstances Waterhole Swimming Centre is required to close by directive from either Local Council or NZ Government the following processes will happen for any lessons missed for current enrolled paid clients at time of closure.

Closure period for 6 weeks or less of the current term

Option One Clients makeup lessons will be issued

Option Two Clients catchup lessons will be issued with an expiry date of 6months from reopen

These lessons will only be able to be booked and used once enrollment and full payment for the current period (term) has been received after reopening.

Closure period for 7 weeks or more of the current term

Number of weeks open for that term will be charged at the part term rate, this will then be deducted off the amount paid for that term and the balance will be credited to the following reopening term only, this value will not be able to be transferred to any later terms.

Use of these missed lessons does not automatically roll over. As to attend and use lessons clients must be enrolled and paid for in the period they are attending.

The above is for paid clients only,

Free family members will not receive catchups for missed lessons

NO refunds will be given