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Waterhole holds an information session every month where you can come along and find out more about our 3month - 5year program

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All sessions start at 11am, to book a space on one of these sessions please phone our reception team on 8182312


3 months - 18months

30 minute lesson 7 pupils per class

Turtles is the very first level of swimming with Waterhole.  This class is aimed at developing water confidence and familiarisation for your young ones, and also assists you as the parent to understand your child's needs in and around the water. Once your child has mastered the art of kicking around on their own with the teaching aids, then with the caregiver still in the water they progress to Angelfish.

Timetable Turtles

Monday 10am  

Tuesday 9.30am and 11.30am


Thursday 10.10am

Friday 10am and 11.10am

Saturday 8.30am and 12.10pm

Sunday 8.50am and 12.10pm

Please Note: 

Some of the above times may not be available due to classes already being full


up to 3year olds

30 minute lesson 7 pupils per class


Angelfish is a group for babies who have progressed from Turtles, or for 18 month olds beginning in the Waterhole Programme.  Children in this class are learning the basics of propulsion, breath control, submersion, and water safety.  Once the child is paddling around on their own with minimal teaching aids and listening to the teacher’s instructions the teacher may give the caregiver 2 options: 1. Your teacher may invite your child to join Seahorse, where the caregiver is no longer required in the water. 

Seahorse is an advanced class, on moving to Seahorse your child must remain with the same teacher for the first 3months in this class.


 2. The caregiver may if they wish choose to remain with the pupil in this group until the child turns 3 years old and at this stage the child would move to Penguins in our Preschool Programme, without the caregiver in the water.

Your child will be in Angelfish if they are aged 18 months old or have graduated from the Turtles class.


up to 3year olds

20 minute lesson 4 pupils per class 

Seahorse is the final level of our under 3's programme. Seahorse is an accelerant class, each pupil will be expected to follow the teacher’s instruction so the swimming skill can be progressed through to correct stroking and back kick, jumping in to the water rolling over onto the back and kicking on their back to the side.

Your child will be in Seahorse if they have graduated from the Angelfish class.


up to 3year olds

20 minute lesson 4 pupils per class

Mini Otters is an advanced class. In this level children are swimming without floatation aids and are working on their kicking and stroking. On turning 3 your child will either join Penguins or if they have been able to gain the goals of Penguins (3years plus) they will be able to join Otters.