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Adult classes

At Waterhole Adults can choose to learn to swim in an organised program with our fully trained staff teaching and/or coaching them or they may choose to do their own thing during our public swimming times.

We offer a Free Introductory lesson so that you may may be assessed into the correct level of our program.

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Beginner Adults

Beginner levels

Range from Levels 1 - 4

Duration 30mins - 45mins

These levels introduce the correct kicking and stroking techniques needed to help facilitate learning to swim once you have a competent kick and stroke then we introduce techniques to help you start to learn the breathing component of Freestyle, by the completion of Level 4 you will be able to swim 25m Freestyle using the correct breathing technique without stopping and swim 25m Backstroke.

Transition level

Level 5

Duration 45mins - 60mins

This level focuses on swimming fitness and technique. The goal of this level is for swimmers to be able to complete 1500m in the 60min session

Swim For Fitness classes

Swim for Fitness levels

Range from Levels 6 - 9

Duration 60mins

These levels progress on from the Transition level and continue to focus on swimming more distance while increasing your swimming fitness, stamina and skills. During these levels you will also be introduced to Breaststroke, Butterfly and be given some flip turn practice.

Our top end Swim Fitness clients are swimming between 2500m and 3000m in each session.

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