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Baby and Preschool Classes

Our Baby and Preschool program creates the foundation of the building blocks for our program and all children enrolled are treated as individuals and are assessed based on their skill level as opposed to their age. 


Baby and
Toddler Classes

At Waterhole your child can start lessons from the age of 3months.

Our Baby / Toddler program consists of two main levels plus an advanced level

Turtles starting from 3months

Angelfish starting from 18months

Seahorse any age up to 3years old where that child has been promoted through our program

Our classes are goal orientated and teacher led, as soon as your child meets the goals of their class they are promoted to the next level within our program meaning that a 6month old in Turtles may be promoted to Angelfish on meeting the goals for the Turtles class.

We will not hold a child back based purely on age.

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Preschool Classes

Our Preschool program starts from the age of 3years.

We teach all our Preschool classes in our main pool and use floatation aids in our Penguins class

There are four main levels in our Preschool program


Penguins - this level is for our New Preschool clients and the goals of this class are to help your child be happy and relaxed both in and under the water so that they can comfortably hold their face in and streamline kick unaided

Otters - our 2nd level focuses on Kicking and Stroking as well as clients beginning to learn to kick on their backs

Tadpoles - our 3rd level introduces techniques associated with learning Freestyle and the correct breathing techniques 

Frogs - our 4th level consolidates Freestyle technique and introduces Backstroke

Advanced - There is no end to how far your preschooler can go in our program as after the Frogs level we progress them through to swimming 25m lengths and continue to develop skills and techniques

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