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School age classes

School age classes are again available 7days per week and cater for all ages 5years through to 18years


School age 


School age



Our Beginner School age classes start for clients from 5 years old.


Our levels are

Starfish - This is the first level and caters to those students that are a little apprehensive in the water or have not been in swimming lessons before. The goals of this level are for students to be happy in and under the water, as well as being able to streamline kick with their face-in unaided. 

Jellyfish - In this 2nd level of our program students are learning the correct kicking and stroking techniques as well as learning to comfortably kick on their back unaided.

Squid Junior / Squid - In our 3rd level, students start to learn the breathing techniques associated Freestyle so that once they reach the goals of this level they are able to swim basic Freestyle rolling out to breathe instead of needing to stand.

Sprats / Swordfish - The final level in our Beginner program. In this class our students continue to develop their Freestyle technique and learn Backstroke before being promoted to our Advanced levels

Our Advanced School age classes start for clients from 5 years old that have either come through our program or have been assessed by a member of our Management team.

Our Advanced program levels are

Seals / Walrus - in this level students consolidate the previous skills learnt in Sprats / Swordfish as well as improving their fitness and stamina.

Octopus / Dolphins - this is where we introduce the concept of bilateral breathing and start to teach Breaststroke kick

Shrimps / Sharks - the final level of our Advanced program focuses on training fitness and stamina while introducing all four strokes into the program. The goals of this level are for all swimmers to complete,

 400m Freestyle timed swim without stopping, 100m Backstroke timed swim without stopping, 2x 25m Breaststroke and 25m Butterfly

Waterhole Swimming Club Inc offers club membership for those wanting to pursue swimming as a sport.

The first base level of the Club program is Aquatic Fitness on swimmers achieving the goals of Waterhole Swimming Centre's Shrimps and Sharks levels swimmers may choose to either remain in Shrimps and Sharks for a fitness base program or make the first step into our Competitive program and join Waterhole Swimming Club.

Waterhole Swimming Centre facilitates the Coaches for these Club levels as well as the collection of Training fees. However on choosing to join a club squad you become a member of Waterhole Swimming Club and as such club fees are payable. 

Waterhole Swimming Club has produced many Auckland and New Zealand Champions and has had a number of swimmers represent New Zealand on the world stage.

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