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Waterhole is now taking New Client Bookings

Update from 15th June 2020, 

New client lessons can be booked and attended with the following safety requirements and protocols in place 

1. Any person that is unwell will not be allowed to enter the premises this includes but is not limited to Clients, Parents/Carers, Siblings, Staff... please stay home if you are unwell

2.Entry and Exit points will be clearly marked

Entry will be via one way system, moving up the right hand side of the ramp and reporting to Reception, from Reception then moving through to the main pool hall, exit will be up via the changing rooms. There will be NO direct access from Reception to the changing rooms / small pool you will have to go through and around via the main pool hall. Please be aware of social distancing and leave room for other clients, there must be no congregating at any place within the premises.

3. Contact Tracing Register must be filled out at reception prior to entry (please bring your own pen) by any person that is not the client and/or their parent - failure to fill in the Contact tracing register in full will result in entry being refused

4. All clients must have completed and returned a Client Detail Enrollment form any client that we do not have an enrollment form on file for will be given one to complete on their first lesson, if this form is then not returned by the second lesson entry will be refused. There will be no makeup lessons or credits given for any lessons missed due to forms not being returned.

5. Only 2x parent/carer per swimmer aged 13years/under will permitted entry, with a maximum per family of 3x parent/carer when more than one child swimming. Swimmers aged 14years/over will need to enter the facility on their own.
Non-swimming siblings aged 13years/under may also attend to watch where necessary, if other arrangements can be made for their care then please do so.

# if Management feels that the facility is becoming overcrowded you may be asked to cut back to 1x (parent, caregiver and/or spectator)

6. Toilet and Changing facilities will be available, however we do encourage swimmers to change prior to their lesson and after their lesson at home. If toilet use is required sanitising solution will be available to spray the toilet both before and after use. Coming changed prior to class and leaving straight after then getting changed at home will help keep congestion to a minimum, we would like to suggest bringing a dressing gown, slippers and warm hat for your child to put on over their togs to make sure they are warm when leaving. 

7. All swimmers in Seahorse / Penguins and above will require a swim cap (including all adults and public swimmers)


By enrolling and attending in the Waterhole program you are accepting the Company Policies and Protocols. 

Failure to comply may result in termination and any balance of lessons will be forfeit

Learn to swim, Frogs
Learn to swim, Seahorse


Congratulations on taking the first step towards learning such an 

important life skill.

At Waterhole we will teach either you or your child to swim 

both confidently and safely.

All clients are treated as individuals and are progressed on skill ability not age!

We have classes 7 days per week and have payment options to suit everyone.

Our Complex

Where to find us

Parrs Park, West Coast Rd

Glen Eden, Waitakere City, Auckland

Our main 25m pool

The complex is privately owned and operated by


Owner Judith Wright

Directors Judith Wright and Gwen Ryan

Swim School Manager Sarah Blackburn

Management Team

Sarah Blackburn, Daniel Ryan and Phillip Ryan are all responsible for the day to day running of the business

The pool complex was designed and built especially for TEACHING AND COACHING, and we believe we run one of the best teaching and coaching organisations in the world.

We have 2 teaching pools and both pools are well heated 

Water Quality

As well as daily testing a minimum of 3x per day. Our pools are independently tested every month and the results are always displayed in the reception area.

As we are a privately owned complex and mainly used as a teaching facility we don't have a large number of public swimmers attending the facility. Which means we can keep our water quality controlled and in the best possible condition for you our clients.

Term Dates

Term Three

Starts Monday 20th July and is based on a 12 week term

Small Pool

10m Learners pool

depth .9m

heated to 32oC

Main Pool

25m Training pool

depth 1.1m

heated to 29oC

The air is also heated to within 3oC - 4oC of the water temperature, this is essential for indoor pools to prevent condensation, so if you are sitting around, the air is warm, but it is ideal for the swimmers.

Four year old Maddisyn practicing her Freestyle. Maddisyn started in the Waterhole program as a baby and has attended 1x lesson per week and had only just turned four when this video was taken.